Bright Vine Services offers a weekly vineyard monitoring service for vineyards from 1 to 100 acres backed up with the provision of regular viticultural advice to its clients in areas such as:

• vineyard site/grape varietal choice and establishment
• pest/disease and nutritional management (organic to traditional.. and everything in-between!)
• soil and water management
• pruning and trellising/canopy management
• criteria for harvest
• cost estimation
• record keeping
• budget preparation

Some of this service extends into the area of hands-on vineyard management, particularly for absentee owners, such as organising spraying with contractors, operating and applying irrigation, arranging labour for pruning and harvest.
Consulting is offered on a:

• contractual basis for 6 months of the growing season
• contractual basis for 10 or 11 months of the year
• casual “as needs/on call” basis
• combination of the above

Bright Vine Services also offers to liaise with winemakers on behalf of clients in matters of winemaking progress and decisions, record keeping and promotional material.

We communicate regularly with clients on a verbal and written basis, providing a detailed written monthly report, and other reports as required.

Bright Vine Services networks cooperatively with other viticultural consultants, winemakers, suppliers and vineyard contractors in the Hunter Valley.


Jenny Bright - Vineyard Consultant, Hunter Valley

Maintaining regular contact with relevant research and technical bodies, Bright Vine Services ensures that the advice offered is current with the latest knowledge in the viticultural field.

Bright Vine Services carries Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.